Set Menu

Enjoy a unique Hida Takayama lunch of local dishes or Hida Beef. Take-out Hida Beef Skewers are available, or treat yourself to a comfort lunch with the Hida Beef Hoba Miso Set.

Hida Beef Special Set

Seared beef with ponzu sauce ,
Hida beef steak , Hoba miso grill with Hida beef ,
Salad , Rice , Miso soup , Pickles

3,450 yen

Hida Beef Stone Bowl Hitsumabushi Set

Small salad , Stone bowl of beef and rice ,
Seasoning (wasabi, nori, shiso-leaves) ,
Broth , Pickles , Miso soup

2,350 yen

Hoba Miso Grill with Hida Beef Set

 Hoba miso grill with Hida beef ,
Salad , Rice , Miso soup , Pickles

2,450 yen

Hoba Miso Grill Set

 Hoba miso grill , Salad , Rice ,
Miso soup , Pickles

1,350 yen

Grand menu

Hida Beef Steak Skewer

Hida beef steak on a skewer is simply delicious.

880 yen

Hida BeefCubed Steak

Juicy Hida beef cubes are grilled with soy sauce flavor on a hot plate.

2,680 yen

Hida Beef Tataki

Lightly seared Hida beef with ponzu (soy sauce and vinegar).

2,150 yen

Hoba Miso Grill with Hida Beef

You can enjoy TWO famous Hida specialties at once! Selected cuts of beef and
seasonal vegetables are mixed with miso on a Ho-ba (a magnolia leaf).

1,980 yen

Hoba Miso Grill

Seasonal vegetables are mixed with miso on a Ho-ba (a magnolia leaf).

mix the ingredients on the Ho-ba leaf all together and cook them through.

680 yen

Deep fried Tofu

A tofu made in Hida is deep-fried at your order, piping hot and crispy with soy sauce. Delicious and healthy.

650 yen

Oden Stew

A warming, classic Japanese stew served in a clay pot with daikon-radish, tofu, boiled egg, potato,
konjac (jelly made from Konjac yam routs), fish cake and Hida beef.

950 yen


Keichan Teppanyaki

Local folks’ favorite chicken dish. Chicken and vegetables are stir-fried with miso and soy sauce
on a cast-iron teppan plate.

(Small)10,80 yen

(Large)1,780 yen

Assorted Sashimi

Three kinds of fish of the day, those are subject to change by seasonal stock.

1,480 yen

Panko (bread crumb) coated deep fry

Meat Skewers – 880 yen

Seafood Skewers – 980 yen

Vegetable Skewers – 650 yen

Filo wrapped cheese

Creamy cheese wrapped in filo pastry.

680 yen

Geen Salad

Fresh leaves served with mild French dressing.

880 yen

Deep-fried Chicken

680 yen

french fries

580 yen

Drink Menu

Local Sake of Hida Takayama

                                            (180ml Hot or Cold)

Shinn  (dry) - 650 yen
Kusudama (popular) - 600 yen
Onikoroshi (dry) - 600 yen
Sansha (dry) - 600 yen
Hourai (Sweet) - 600 yen
Hidamusume (Sweet) - 600 yen


Dai Ginjo Nama (100ml Cold)

*A type of sake brewed by low temperature fermentation from
white rice polished to 60%

Himuro (Dense, fruity and full bodied)  -  800 yen


Popular Sake from other area (100ml)

Michizakari - Jummai (from Gifu; dry and full bodied)  - 650 yen

Enjoy Hida local brewery hopping everyday at Shusai

Below sets (A,B & C) are tasting menu to compare four different sake.

A-set 680yen

  • Kusudama
  • Onikoroshi
  • Sansya-kurakuti

B-set 680yen

  • Tamanoi
  • Miyamagiku
  • Yamanohikari

C-set 680yen

  • Shiramayumi
  • Hourai
  • Hidamusume


Asahi Draft  - 590 yen
Bottle Beer (Asahi or Kirin)  - 750 yen

Distilled Spirits

Plum wine - 600 yen   * straight only



* please specify; straight or with ice or with water or with hot water
Kurokirishima (Potato shochu)  - 500 yen
Tenshin (Barley shochu)  - 500 yen

Soft Drinks

Hida Apple Juice - 450 yen
Hida Tomato Juice - 450 yen
Grapefruit Juice  - 380 yen
Orange Juice - 380 yen
Oolong Tea - 380 yen
Green Tea - 380 yen
Cola - 450 yen
Ginger ale - 450 yen