A popular Izakaya in Takayama

Shusai is the perfect venue to have Takayama local cuisine. Our menu includes renowned Hida-beef, Hoba-miso grill and fresh seafood from Toyama. We offer those quality foods at reasonable price. You may enjoy variety dishes with selected local brewed sake.

Hida Local Supply and Fresh Seafood


Not only the Hida-beef, we use many local products to make popular Izakaya dishes such as Oden-stew, tempura, deep fried food. Seafood is also supplied in short distance from Toyama.

Hida Local Sake


Selected sake from all of Hida Takayama’s breweries. Try some and find out your favorite one in Takayama.

Hida Beef Steak Skewer


The best quality Hida Beef steak cuts are used for this deluxe skewer.
Seasoned simply with salt & pepper, the flavor of Hida Beef will fill your palate.